BMON rises 10% ahead of launch

BMON rises 10% ahead of launch

Binamon launches officially this weekend and the BMON price has risen 10% in anticipation

The NFT-based game Binamon will officially go live on the Binance Smart Chain this Saturday, and the hype surrounding the BMON token has led to a 10% increase today while most of the market slips into the red. Binamon is touted as a serious challenger to Axie Infinity, the Ethereum-based digital monsters game that has recorded extraordinary gains this year. 

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How & where to buy Binamon in the UK and elsewhere

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Stay away from DEXs and unregulated platforms whenever you can, as these sites offer little recourse if you’re the victim of a hack or a scam.


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What is Binamon?

Binamon is a game on the Binance Smart Chain that will launch officially this weekend. The game uses NFT technology to tokenise in-game items, such as virtual monsters—called Binamons—which can be stored and traded on the blockchain. Players battle with their Binamons in a “play-to-earn” environment where in-game success is rewarded with BMON tokens.

Should I buy BMON today?

Binamon appears to be a direct challenger to Axie Infinity, with many expert analysts forecasting a rosy future for BMON. Binamon offers several benefits over Axie Infinity, such as faster transactions and lower fees, as it is native to the Binance Smart Chain rather than the clunky Ethereum blockchain. If it can emulate the success of Axie Infinity, which has been one of the most successful blockchain projects of this year, then a $1 valuation could arrive very quickly. On a purely technical level, Binamon also warrants consideration, being one of the only coins that posted a positive performance in today’s mostly red market.Beyond that, the sky is the limit for Binamon, as NFT-based games could plausibly become the next Pokemon. The current price of $0.6675 could very well seem insanely cheap in a few months time if the game launches smoothly. 

This article is informational only — none of the contents should be construed as financial or investment advice. 

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