Cryptopunks NFT Collection Joins Axie Infinity and Opensea by Hitting $1 Billion in Sales – Blockchain Bitcoin News

Cryptopunks NFT Collection Joins Axie Infinity and Opensea by Hitting $1 Billion in Sales

On Saturday, August 28, the non-fungible token (NFT) project Cryptopunks crossed $1 billion in all-time sales. Cryptopunks joins the heavyweight NFT hitters Axie Infinity’s $1.6 billion and Opensea’s $3.53 billion.

Three NFT Projects Have Sold More Than a Billion-Dollars in Sales

The non-fungible token project Cryptopunks is now a billion-dollar NFT collection as statistics show all-time sales tapped $1.095 billion, according to data. Cryptopunks has a bunch of records on’s “top sales” page, in terms of NFT sales. Cryptopunks is just below Opensea ($3.54B) and Axie Infinity ($1.68B) in terms of all-time sales.

Cryptopunks NFT Collection Joins Axie Infinity and Opensea by Hitting $1 Billion in Sales

The biggest sale shown on August 28, is Cryptopunk #8888 which sold for 888.8 ether or $2.87 million. There’s also Cryptopunk #9373 which sold for 499.99 ether on Saturday or roughly $1.63 million using ethereum (ETH) exchange rates at the time of sale.

Cryptopunk #2310 sold for 380 ETH or $1.23 million, Cryptopunk #9100 sold for 350 ether or $1.14 million, and Cryptopunk #7674 sold for 342.69 ether or $1.11 million on Saturday afternoon (ET).

According to market stats, Cryptopunk is just below Artblocks this week in terms of sales. While Artblocks saw 24,454 sales which add up to $228 million, seven-day statistics show Cryptopunk saw only 686 sales but also saw $173 million settled.

One Entity Owns 254 Cryptopunks, NBA Top Shot Sales Taps $671 Million

There are 10,000 Cryptopunks minted and today, 2,888 unique wallets hold at least one Cryptopunk NFT. One entity owns a total of 254 punks and 75% of punk owners own at least two Cryptopunks. The project’s sales across seven days have jumped 750% and Cryptopunks saw $144.605 million in sales among 343 traders.

In terms of all-time sales, Cryptopunks $1.095 billion is well above the rest of the projects listed on NBA Top Shot has $671 million in all-time sales, Rarible has $197 million, and Superrare has $103 million on August 28.

What do you think about Cryptopunks tapping $1 billion in all-time sales? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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