Ripple leads top 10 with 13% gain

Ripple leads top 10 with 13% gain

Ripple (XRP) posted double-digit gains as the US maintains its positive stance on cryptocurrencies

Ripple has been involved in a lawsuit against the SEC in the US, but XRP investors seem to be bullish on the currency. XRP has broken away from the other top coins with a strong increase of 13% in the past 24 hours as the SEC’s case against Ripple continues to run out of steam. 

How & where to buy Ripple in the UK and elsewhere

Crypto brokers and exchanges are the best platforms to purchase Ripple. You will need to register an account which can be done in minutes by submitting basic details such as a username, email address and phone number. Once the account is verified as per the Know Your Customer (KYC) rules, you are allowed to trade. 

It is always a good idea to use regulated platforms as decentralised exchanges tend to be unregulated. The risk of losing funds is higher on an unregulated platform. We’ve shortlisted two of the best platforms where you can trade easily. 


eToro is one of the world’s leading multi-asset trading platforms offering some of the lowest commission and fee rates in the industry. It’s social copy trading features make it a great choice for those getting started.

Buy XRP with eToro today

CAPEX is an awarded fintech brand, globally recognized for a strong presence in shaping the future of trading. The company focuses on making the markets more accessible & transforming the way people trade online.

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What is Ripple and why is it rallying?

XRP is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies and has a strong use case. It is a direct competitor to the SWIFT network, the preferred banking partner all over the world. Ripple’s rise was halted abruptly after it was subjected to a legal case in the US. The SEC alleges that Ripple completed the sale of its token, XRP, without registering it as a security, an offence under US laws.  

However, if Ripple manages to settle its case, then it would make XRP one of the strongest coins on the planet as it would remove all regulatory hurdles for Ripple. 

Should I buy XRP today?

The remittances market is a huge industry in itself and Ripple can provide the necessary infrastructure to provide near instantaneous and low fee transactions. An investment in XRP currently would require a close monitoring of its case in the US since that is likely to have a strong bearing on its future price. The price could potentially double or triple from the current levels easily if the case is decided in favour of Ripple. XRP was trading at $1 at the time of writing. 

Ripple weekly chart. Source: CoinMarketCap

However, this also provides a unique opportunity for traders to take advantage of the price volatility. 

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