World’s Largest Online Art Gallery Deviantart Collaborates With Opensea to Detect Potential NFT Infringement

World's Largest Online Art Gallery Deviantart Collaborates With Opensea to Detect Potential NFT Infringement

The world’s largest online art gallery and community Deviantart has revealed the site is collaborating with the non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace Opensea in order to detect potential NFT infringement. According to Deviantart, the solution gives the ability to scan public blockchains to identify potential art infringement listed on NFT markets and it alerts Deviantart artists.

Deviantart Scans Public Blockchains for Potential NFT Infringement

The web portal Deviantart is a popular online art gallery that was launched on August 7, 2000, by Angelo Sotira, Matthew Stephens, Scott Jarkoff, and a few other contributors. In 2021, Deviantart boasts around 65 million registered artists and roughly half of a billion digital artworks hosted on the website.

Since the inception of the Deviantart community, the project has worked against removing potentially infringing artwork submissions. Deviantart says that it has collaborated with Opensea and it is scanning the realm of blockchain-based NFTs.

“We’ve expanded the scope of our system to identify near matches of minted non-fungible token (NFTs) submitted across the Internet,” Deviantart’s blog post details. “We monitor public blockchain events involving standard NFT tokens types (ERC721 and ERC1155) to identify potential art infringement.” The Deviantart team’s NFT blog post adds:

We realized our technology could be applied to help safeguard deviants on emerging NFT platforms and tested the same machine learning model that powers Deviantart Protect on NFT listings. The model identified NFTs that originated from artwork submitted on Deviantart, where the minter was not necessarily the owner of the original work, alerting to potential art infringement.

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Deviantart’s NFT Tool Beta Trial Sees 86% of Detected Cases Resulting in Successful Identification of Potential Art Infringements

Deviantart details that artists who want to be protected under the Deviantart Protect umbrella can submit their artwork to the site. The NFT scanning feature checks blockchains for NFT-related activity in order to find near-identical matches of any registered Deviantart artists’ content.

The team explained in a note to News that after the first two months of the beta launch, 86% of the infringement cases detected were successfully verified as matches. The Deviantart community and art collection website is not the only NFT and blockchain protection attempt.

A recent report indicates that Alibaba’s NFT marketplace allows content creators to copyright work via the market’s blockchain IP service. Microsoft recently published a white paper that describes an Ethereum-based tool designed to combat pirated online content.

What do you think about Deviantart’s attempt to stop NFT infringement? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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